Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cotall Street, Poplar.

Cotall Street
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The only building in Cotall Street is a block of flats, 1-94 Cotall Street, which will demolished soon. All tenants will leave by December 2008. The ground will be used to extend Bartlett Park, including the road, so that the park will extend to the Limehouse Cut canal.

The postcodes for this block are E14 6JX and E14 6JY (and seem to have been given out in a random way across the 94 flats).

The block has been used for short term letting for a few years, and it has been run down. In the middle of Bartlett Park is a clutch of self build houses, and a burnt out church, St. Saviour's


LoopZilla said...

Seems like things have changed... a new community has arrived...

Nothing's safe around here, he said

darnkitty said...
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darnkitty said...

Are you sure?

I went past there today (Jul 26 2009). It looks very inhabited to me. Boy, it's disgusting.

Narkia said...

Hey, I was living in this block this last month!!

sorry but i think you're saing strong things.