Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A correspondent in the field

Gathering research data in the Lower Lea Valley. I am aware that I am being photographed. I have informed my attorney... who has instructed me to remain calm...

Iain Sinclair woz here, but you can meet this correspondent in person on the Limehouse Loop on Sunday 27th July

Living on the Lansbury

The Lansbury Estate was created in the post war East End. It was opened as part of the Festival of Britain in 1951.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Outside the Blue Wall, in the Real World


Outside the Blue Wall
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Life continues outside the London Olympics Exclusion Zone. But is the blue wall so "blueish" in the sense of Blue Meanies?

Walking along River Lea can continue; we may not be able to reach the Old River Lea, and Pudding Mill River may have gone, but more to explore! It we are excluded, then we should walk further along the River Lea Navigation.

The closure of the mega buildng site that will be the London 2012 Olympics Park will last years. The effect is squeeze walkers out of the zone, and hence development of the Three Mills Loop and the River Lea Vale Walk

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saint Saints

St Andrew's
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Saint Saints, the fictitous hospital in Little Britain has been demolished to make way for the first major project by London Thames Gateway

The new development, called St Andrew's will deliver over 950 new homes, many for families, and significant community benefits such as high quality open space and health facilities for the Primary Care Trust.

No plans for a school then? And the site is next to the busy A12 (Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road). Still, there is a pub nearby... The Duke of Wellington

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obstructing the pavement

See here? The BBC are obstructing the pavement, with some help from JCDecaux. The BBC get paid by the licence fee, a tax on most households in the UK (and via the profits from BBC Worldwide). So why should the BBC pay the local council, another publically funded body, to advertise on the streets? And what are we being encouraged to watch? The 2006 World Cup on the telly.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Circle Line Party

British Transport Police
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It started out with an idea. An idea that spread like a rash. Some people cloned the idea. Some people who took the idea to Facbook said it was just a thought (experiment) and anybody who wanted to party was daft.

So it began. The Circle Line is great for a party. One you get on you never need to get off. As long as the booze flows, the train takes you nowhere, so you never arrive. The party goes on and on.

So it conspired, so it continued. But the revellers were reviled.

As the evening progressed, lizards appeared, but not lounge lizards. Many "party on dudes" seem to have confused a party with a protest. No sane activist would go on a demo with a bottle of booze and an attitude. The lizards continued awash in broken glass and a variety of liquids. Staff and police were assaulted.

Was there away out? No exit for the idea that went sour. Many seemed to have missed the point, not least that the Police already had powers to deal with passengers who drank alcohol (before 1st June 2008). Does Boris know this?

Tube booze party was 'far uglier'